You can now order medicines and other health-related products on Flipkart, Check the information here.

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According to the company, customers will be able to access Health+ through the main app, which is Flipkart’s one-stop place for buying healthcare-related products.

The Indian e-commerce behemoth Flipkart announced on Tuesday that it would deliver drugs and wellness products via its main app, joining the race to deliver medications through mobile apps. According to the company, customers will have access to Health+ through the main app, which is Flipkart’s one-stop place for buying healthcare-related products.


Customers may now access a variety of drugs and healthcare items through this new “App-in-App experience,” according to Flipkart, due to this arrangement. Customers can also take advantage of attractive discounts on more than 83,000+ medicines and healthcare products that will cover more than 20,000 pin codes across India, including remote places.

The company stated in a statement that customers may enjoy a smooth buying experience for medicines and health supplies using Flipkart’s trusted platform and a recently updated user-friendly interface.

Flipkart Health Plus

According to India Brand Equity Foundation, a trust established by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Communications, the e-pharmacy industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of around 40-45 percent, as opposed to the global e-pharmacy markets, which are predicted to increase at a CAGR of about 15-20 percent. This is due to factors like the country’s increased internet penetration, mobile-first consumer behavior, improved digital payments infrastructure, and various government initiatives.

“We can address customers’ medical needs across the country due to the supply chain and last-mile logistics knowledge and skills of the Flipkart Group. We are working closely with pharmacies, healthcare and pharmaceutical firms, and politicians to digitize the healthcare ecosystem for a better tomorrow through disruptive technologies and creative solutions, according to Prashant Jhaveri, CEO of Flipkart Health+. “Customers will enjoy the best attractive discounts and access to genuine medicines and healthcare products this Big Dussehra Sale, in addition to the existing reasonable pricing,” he continued.

Flipkart-Health Plus

According to Flipkart, the business has updated its user-friendly interface while still using the Flipkart platform. Additionally, Flipkart Health+ has required its vendors to adhere to exacting procedures for quality checks. The company added that appropriate steps have been put in place to safeguard data security through multilevel regulations and encryptions, keeping in mind how crucial data privacy is to the healthcare industry.

Customers may now order more than 48,000+ prescription medicines using simple features including the ability to quickly upload doctor’s prescriptions, a simple checkout procedure, several payment methods, and the Flipkart Health+ Wallet. Additionally, Flipkart Plus Members can use their SuperCoins to redeem exciting deals, according to a statement from the business.

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